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Favorite track, which often plays in your head?

Christina: Oh perfect life of love, from the Lutheran Hymnal. Of course I couldn’t name an absolute favorite but for some bizarre reason this is the one I hear in my head the most.

Cicely: That’s an impossible one – there’s always something playing up there!

What style of clothes do you prefer?

Christina: Simple…t-shirts and jeans. Anything comfortable and white, my favorite non-color. I don’t really like thinking about clothes…I feel I have so many other things I would rather worry about and want to simplify dressing!

Cicely: Comfort always. That’s partly why I wanted to be a musician so that I could work from home in my pajamas. 

What do you appreciate in each other? 

Christina: Cicely’s brain – her precision, her analytical intelligence, her concentration powers– and her unmovable strength!

Cicely: I would say we’re pretty different personalities, which has been a great strength when forming such a close working relationship. Christina is incredibly tolerant, patient and optimistic - I feel like I’ve learned a great deal from her and I think I’ve probably mellowed since we’ve been working together. She has a deep soul and her voice is an inspiring thing of beauty!

Favorite movies?

Christina: 'Stalker' by Tarkovsky, 'Ida' by Pawlikowski and 'Dancer in the Dark' by Lars von Trier.

Cicely: I have a soft spot for musicals like Oliver and Annie.

Perfect holiday? 

Christina: Walking in the forest in Scandinavia.

Cicely: Far away from crowds, good food, good company.

Three words which characterize each of you?

Christina: Emotional, introverted, loyal.

Cicely: Strong, passionate, stubborn

Three words which characterize KALEIDA?

Christina: Feminine, minimal, DIY.

Cicely: Dark, feminine, minimal.

To which movie you would like to write a soundtrack?

Christina: The entire Vikings show.

Cicely: 'Usual Suspects'.

Bitter truth or a sweet lie?

Christina: Bitter truth.

Cicely: Give me the bitter truth. Any day. 

Your favorite book?

Christina: At the moment – 'The Argonauts' by Maggie Nelson.

Cicely: 'Anna Kerenina'.

Vinyl or streaming?

Christina: Vinyl for its warm sound!

Cicely: I would like to say vinyl but I’m short of space so stuff just gets thrown on top of my record player and doesn’t really get the use it deserves.

35 mm or digital camera?

Christina: 35 mm – it’s so good to see a non-digital photograph…

Cicely: 35 mm camera. I learned to take photos on an old Olympus OM2 when I was 14. I spent hours developing my own pictures in the dark room. It’s incredibly therapeutic and that smell of vinegar is still really nostalgic.

KALEIDA big interwiev

Surf's Up. Synthpop duo KALEIDA


Collages by Kristina Isiguro

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